The Top 10 Moments from 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 19, Episode 8: Handcuffs & Cussing

(Photo via The CW)

Beside the makeover episode, what's the one major Top Model event that always promises a bit of backstabbing, tears, and triumphs? And it always happens when only six contestants are left... Yup—this week was the go-sees challenge! (You know, that really dramatic task where the girls try to book real-life modeling gigs with legit designers.)

But that was just the tip of it—Disney Girl cried (surprised?), Kiara lost her ish on set, and Tyra dropped a huge bomb on everyone (not literally, obvs). Oh yeah, and the girls went to prison. NBD.

Read on for our top 10 moments from America's Next Top Model Cycle 19, Episode 8, "The Girl Who Comes Back."

10) Kristin threatens Victoria, sort of: Picking up right where we left off two weeks ago—who else was sad there was no episode last week?—the show opens with all the girls gathered around the dinner table. Well, everyone except Victoria.

When the Homeschool Girl once again declines to eat, Kristin starts harping on Victoria's weak spot. "I definitely don't think that you are stable enough to handle this competition," she said coolly. Victoria starts to quip back, and the Mean Girl in Kristin comes lashing out: "Don't argue with me. Don't start with me. You're starting something that you're not gonna be able to handle so just stop."

Could this be foreshadowing?

9) Victoria and Kiara get paired as go-see partners: Determined to not let Kiara overshine her—like the last time these two were matched together on a challenge—Victoria warned she's bringing her A-Game. But to her dismay, it came off as trying too hard.

Case in point: On a go-see with Whitney Port, Victoria just kept talking over Kiara about everything—her photos, her walk, Kiara's photos, you name it. The whole situation was just plain weird.

7) This go-sees challenge wins the award for... being the most uneventful go-see challenge in the history of ANTM's 19 cycles. Seriously. Nobody got lost. They were in LA, so even if they did, everyone spoke English—unlike past seasons. Nobody accidentally disrespected a designer. Laura was sooo worried she was going to be late, but made it on time with seconds to spare. And then she won, so, yeah. Woohoo.

8) BUT the go-sees still somehow managed to make Brittany cry: When Kelly reveals which girls landed which gigs, Brittany takes the news rather harshly: "Did I book zero? I booked zero? Out of everything? I just don't know what I did wrong."

According to Kelly, the Disney personality just wasn't enough.

6) A P'Trique cameo: Oh hey, girl, hey! The Sh*t Girls Say guy/girl crashed the models' victory dinner to deliver an important message: "A top model knows her best angles, so make sure you stay in line and keep a straight face." Then he proceeded to tell the gang he can't stay because he once made-out with the hot bartender there, and never called him back.

5) The models get booked: And Kiara was not happy about it. We're not exactly sure why she's freaking out at first, but then she spills a huge, deep dark secret—when she was 18 years old, she was arrested for shoplifting!

"I never, ever talked about it," she said. "I didn't tell my family about. I didn't tell my coach about it. I didn't tell anyone. I walked out of the store with a bracelet, and then they followed me out. They put handcuffs on me, and I got in the back of the car. And got to the jail, and they booked me. They took my fingerprints, took my mugshot—I was so scared. It was just the all-time low of my life."

4) Victoria embodies another crazy character: Another photo shoot, another strange persona. This time, Victoria played a cowgirl with a thick accent who stole a tube of lipstick and got locked in the slammer. Oh, and her character spits. Cue Johnny Wujeck's look of terror here.

3) Kiara explodes on set: Johnny could tell something was up with the Basketballer and told her to scream and let loose. We're guessing he didn't expect her to yell this: "F*ck you, f*ck mom, f*ck that! I don't want to f*cking be here right now!" Let's just say there were lots of bleeps, angry eyes, and Brittany was quivering in her little Disney boots.

2) Bryanboy disses Laura: Once again, Laura reigned supreme in the photo shoot challenge, but when it was Bryanboy's turn to speak on panel, he let it be known she's not the one he's cheering for.

"You're a rockstar," he said. "You're a rockstar. People love you. I'm just bored of it already. People don't see what I see in Kiara, but I don't see what people see in you."


1) THE ELIMINATED MODELS ARE BACK: You know how every week Tyra keeps reminding the girls that they can come back after getting kicked off... Guess what, they're back! Well, sort of. The show ended with one heck of a cliff-hanger, so it looks like we'll have to stay tuned to find out which lady reprises her role as a next top model hopeful.

Who are you rooting for to come back? And what did you think of last night's episode? Sound off in the comments below!