Jeremy Scott Designs Strollers for Badass Kids

Jeremy Scott Designs Strollers for Badass Kids
(Getty Images) Designer Jeremy Scott

Fashion's avant garde bad boy Jeremy Scott has a new collaboration under his belt—and this one's for the tykes. Scott has teamed up with German children's, uh, transportation devices company Cybex to create a line of strollers, car seats, and other accessories emblazoned with the designer's signature prints. We're talking awesome creations like this, below, covered in cute-but-sort-of-aggro food characters—angry popcorns wrestling burgers, soda bottles tacking hot dogs.

"It started with the idea of a 'food fight' reminiscent of those which happen in 80s movies," Scott said at the launch in London this week. "Unfortunately, this never happened to me! That got me into thinking what it would be like if food was actually fighting—the result is the print of the Cybex by Jeremy Scott Collection."

Available from June, you can get more information on how to score one of the coolest strollers around (for the budding badass in your life) at

Jeremy Scott Designs Strollers for Badass Kids
(Courtesy Cybex by Jeremy Scott)
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