The Fake Nicola Formichetti Twitter is Amazing

(via @furmishetti)

Here's how you know you've made it in the Internet age—someone makes a fake Twitter account for you... and it's funny and (kind of) flattering, not snarky and mean. Check out @furmishetti, the newest, fakest send-up of Nicola Formichetti, creative director of Mugler and Lady Gaga's image-maker.

There are funny "self-portraits" - like this one, captioned: "jus me bein nickloa." Note the "Kawaii" scribble to the right—that means "cute."
And even goofy speculations on where Lady Gaga's image will go next, in Formichetti's hands. Like this pizza-inspired look, captioned: "@ look what i mad for u!! vory italeon."
Funnily enough, it doesn't seem like the real Nicola Formichetti minds this alter-Twitter-ego all that much:

Something which has not gone unnoticed by the fake/real Nickloa Furmishetti—(translation: My fake account retweeted me and now I'm mainstream.")

Our favorite tweet and Twitpic so far from @furmishetti is this one: featuring the designer, one of his puppies, and a Panda-emblazoned bowl of ramen: "rahmen! ond da tabl! lookin tasteh! RAHMEN FASHUN! on da tabl. werq it. blek gezuz!"
Happy belated Thanksgiving to you all.

UPDATE 8:02 PM: Indeed.

Also, this is amazing:

So much Twitter love on the internets tonight, you guys.
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