Manfred, uh, Thierry Mugler is Back at Mugler

Manfred, uh, Thierry Mugler is Back at Mugler
(Getty Images) Naomi Watts, Thierry Mugler, and Eva Mendes in 2011

It's been only a few short weeks since Nicola Formichetti was ousted from the creative director position at legendary Clarins-owned French fashion house Thierry Mugler—and while a successor has not yet been named, one rather surprising corporate development was announced earlier today. According to a report in Vogue UK, the label's founder and namesake designer, Thierry Mugler himself, has been appointed to the post of creative advisor to the company's director and Clarins' President Joel Palix.

"It is not an understatement to say that Mr. Thierry Mugler is both a legend of fashion and fragrance," Palix said. "His body of work has influenced many designers and perfumers worldwide. He has brought extraordinary sensory experiences to millions of women and men across the world. It is time to unite both activities under one single creative management and turn Mugler into a global and fully integrated luxury brand with a synergetic approach across fashion, accessories, and fragrances."

It's an interesting turn of events for both the designer and the brand—who parted ways in 2002. Following his departure from his own label, Mugler (the man) really beefed up—to, like, action-figure proportions—and started calling himself Manfred. The New York Times referred to him as a "240-pound spectacle of muscle and nipple and tattoo"—and "an utterly bizarre character."

We're excited to see what develops. Will we get Manfred at Mugler or Thierry? Only time will tell.

Manfred, uh, Thierry Mugler is Back at Mugler
(Getty Images) Mugler in 2003 all Manfred-like
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