You'll NEVER Guess What's Under This Gaultier Model's Dress

(Couretsy of ImaxTree)

Why is this woman's dress so big? Because it's full of secrets

The final model to walk Jean Paul Gaultier's Paris couture show had quite the surprise hiding under her hoop skirt bridal gown. 


(Courtesy of ImaxTree) 

Run free, little ones! 

(Courtesy of ImaxTree) 

But not too free. 

(Courtesy of ImaxTree) 

Those dresses do have to be returned, you know. 

(Courtesy of ImaxTree) 

This is totally the high fashion equivalent of that scene in A Christmas Carol when the Ghost of Christmas Present drops the jolly act and lifts up his robes to reveal two terrifying children he's named "Ignorance" and "Want." Metaphors! 


Or, that part in the Nutcracker ballet when like, 20 kids come come streaming out of Mother Ginger's skirt. 

Now that we think about it — what is it with the holidays and kids hiding underneath giant dresses? 

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