Say What: The US Postal Service is Launching a Clothing Line

(Photo via Getty)

The USPS is launching a clothing line (Getty)
Shipping to a store near you  — official US Postal Service gear! Yes folks, that's right.

According to a report in CNNMoney, the government agency announced it's launching a line of clothing and accessories, aptly titled "Rain Heat & Snow." (You'd think after all those lectures on how to properly fill out an envelope, they'd at least practice correct comma usage...)

Although a, shall we say, slightly perplexing endeavor, the financially struggling agency expects the line will help rake in a little extra revenue — most notably because the entire project is being funded by an outside apparel company, the Wahconah Group, Inc. USPS will receive a small percentage of the sales.

Starting with menswear, then later branching into footwear and womenswear, Rain Heat & Snow will feature all-season, all-weather gear with tech-savvy details, like moisture-wicking fabrics and MP3 player capabilities. (Read: It's like Apple and L.L.Bean had a baby!)

The line's slated to hit premier department and specialty stores in spring 2014, so you'll have to wait until then to give it a final, uh, stamp of approval.