Uggs Have Come Full Circle, Are Once Again Cool, Says 'Vogue'

Uggs Have Come Full Circle, Are Once Again Cool, Says 'Vogue' (Bauer Griffin/Ugg Australia)

Like cat-print clothing and clogs before them, Uggs have transcended their somewhat tarnished reputation to be welcomed back into Vogue's embrace. And this is after noted Ugg enthusiast Andre Leon Talley hinted at plans to leave his plum Contributing Editor gig for a shot at his own talk show. So, consider this love letter to shearling boots — a Vogue blog post titled "The Secret's Out: Confessions of Vogue's Ugg Addicts" — Talley's swan song.

Let's look at a few choice quotes.

Uggs Have Come Full Circle, Are Once Again Cool, Says 'Vogue' (

Contributing Editor Andre Leon Talley:
"Once you put an Ugg on, it’s hard to go back to bespoke shoes...I have them in ebony, which I call my black tie, and bark brown, and they were specially monogrammed for me in Russian red. I of course got carried away and ordered them in triplicates. They’re lined up in my hallway by color, and I rotate them on a daily basis."

Creative Director Grace Coddington:
“I wish all the It girls hadn’t discovered them years ago...Once, I was in the country, and I went over to see Helmut Lang. I said, ‘I am sorry to be wearing these boots in your chic house.’ And he responded, ‘Don’t worry, I have them in every shape and size.’ I thought, I’m in good company!”

Market Editor Jessica Sailer:
“They began as my footwear of choice for driving to and from the Hamptons. But after I had my daughter, they got a lot more play. Now I practically have to force myself to wear other shoes.”

Accessories Editor Selby Drummond:
“I opted for the tall Adirondack ‘otter’ style. I love them because they are full-on, weather performance utility boots...To make them work, I paired them with a silver lace Dolce & Gabbana dress — sometimes one must elevate.”

So, tell us. Do Uggs still make you think of Paris Hilton, circa 2001, absentmindedly stroking her hair extensions as she poses in fuzzy footwear and a studded denim mini? Or, like Vogue's staffers, do you think Uggs can be fashionable?
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  • I don't care if they're stylish or not! I love my Uggs, and you'll have to pry them from my warm, warm feet.
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