Move Over Jeggings, Meggings Are Here

Move Over Jeggings, Meggings Are Here

(Courtesy of Asos/Courtesy of Ssense) 

Remember way back in, like, 2003, when it was actually kind of shocking to see a guy in skinny jeans? Well, now that's it's normal for dudes to wear painted-on denim, the bar for tight pants is being raised even higher with the introduction of "meggings." Yes, man-leggings. 

The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Daily Mail all published breathless articles on men in tights this weekend, which means the Brits must really love their spandex. Russell Brand, is, after all, one of the fabric's greatest champions. 

And the style, like leather harem pants and adult onesies, is already being embraced by Justin Bieber, who prefers drop-crotch meggings to more, uh, binding versions.
Move Over Jeggings, Meggings Are Here(Bauer-Griffin)

The most surprising bit of news to come out of this weekend's bonanza of meggings journalism is the fact that the trend isn't just limited to celebrities. Uniqlo's men's leggings have already sold out online, and Barneys is amping up their stock of luxury man-tights.
Move Over Jeggings, Meggings Are Here(Courtesy of Brooksfilms)

If meggings truly are on the rise, perhaps it's time to invest in the man bag industry. These guys are going to need somewhere to stash their wallets. 

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