Is Bravo Cancelling 'The Rachel Zoe Project'?

Is Bravo Cancelling 'The Rachel Zoe Project'? (

Sad news: Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project may be ready to "die," which, if the rumors are true, means we'll be seeing far less of Skyler Berman, World's Most Fabulous Toddler, and his tiny fedoras.

After being renewed for a fifth season, the super-stylist-turned-designer's show just isn't pulling in the number it used to. Of this week's episode, writes:

"At 9 p.m. Rachel Zoe, managed to only attract 518,000 (demo 0.20) fashionistas, which is her show's lowest ratings ever; lower even than her Season 1 premiere in September 2008, which had 527,000. TRZP is now averaging just 637,600 this season (demo 0.30), and that's a -31% reduction versus 2011's Season 4, and -43% lower than Season 4. In the 18-49 demographic her audience drop-off is averaging a deficit of -35% & -44% respectively."

Maybe the dip in viewership can be attributed to Zoe's revolving cast of assistants. The new cast members just aren't as competitive (Taylor) or teary (Brad) as the originals. Or, maybe it's because now that Rachel Zoe is doing more designing (and, confusingly, blow-dry-bar-opening) than styling, the stakes just don't seem as high. There aren't as many "Will she or won't she wear that gown to that awards show?" moments.

But, even is TRZP is cancelled, it won't be Zoe's last time on the small screen. As reported last October, she and her husband Rodger Berman are producing a fictional comedy show based on Zoe's life with NBC.
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