Lena Dunham is ASOS' Newest Cover Star

Courtesy ASOS
(Courtesy ASOS, Photo by Danielle Levitt) Lena Dunham in the latest ASOS Magazine

Girls writer and star Lena Dunham covers the latest issue of ASOS Magazine—and her photoshoot inside is to die for! Check out some of the inside shots, right here, and read some of the best parts of the interview.
Lena Dunham is ASOS' Newest Cover Star
On success: "So many amazing things have happened in this past year, it was almost like amazing things overload... I wish these were slightly more spaced out so I could appreciate every single one with the correct amount of gusto and savor it as a memory until my deathbed."
Lena Dunham is ASOS' Newest Cover Star
On the characters in Girls: "I think it's having heroines who are imperfect on television which hasn't been allowed as much as it should be. Having girls who don't look like every other girl on TV—even though I have beautiful girls on the show. It's a mix of body type, complicated people and faces and attitudes."

On growing up in New York: "I felt highly anxious in a way that I didn't think other children were. I just wanted to be at home watching Saturday Night Live reruns with my parents and trying to find the dirty parts of books."

To check out the rest of ASOS Magazine's interview with Lena Dunham, go here.

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