Store Mannequins May Be Watching You

(Getty Images)

Who would have thought that circa-1987 Kim Cattrall could predict the future so well?


Okay, maybe we're not living on the set of Mannequin just yet, but there's a whole lot more going on behind those smooth plastic faces than we imagined.

Five unnamed companies just invested in fleets of Italian mannequin maker Almax SpA's new high-tech, $5,000-a-head "EyeSee" dummies, which come complete with hidden cameras, Bloomberg News reports. These secret spies are designed to gather data, logging shoppers' age, race, and gender. Creepy, right?

The only mannequin we might want ogling us is H&M's David Beckham statue.


Tell us, what do you think of this sneaky customer profiling strategy? Are you freaked out?


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