Roberto Cavalli Had a Pet Monkey Once, But It Was 'Mean'

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Harper's Bazaar tapped Roberto Cavalli to participate in their latest "24 Hours With..." feature, where the designer filled readers in on his day-to-day life with some delightfully rambly (and revealing!) quotes. Like, did you know he has a little menagerie? 

"When I wake up, my German shepherd, Lupo, jumps on the bed and starts to kiss me," Cavalli said. "He is a fantastic son. I also have a cat. She is tiny but she eats everything. Then I have my bird, a parrot, a big yellow-and-blue parrot, in the living room. Maybe she says hello to me. I go to her with a small cake and she eats it. I have many different pets: two dogs, the cat, parakeets, an iguana, a blackbird, and two aquariums full of fish. I especially love exotic fish. They have been an inspiration and are featured in my collections. I used to have a small tiger and a monkey but not anymore. The monkey was mean." 

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The "mean" monkey's current whereabouts aren't mentioned, but we suspect the designer dropped it off somewhere, dressed in a tiny Cavalli outfit, Ikea monkey-style.
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