Kate Upton Ditched Fashion Week for Sports, Irina Shayk 'Collects Money,' and More!

Kate Upton Ditched Fashion Week for Sports, Irina Shayk 'Collects Money,' and More!

If you're wondering where Kate Upton was for fashion week, don't worry. She was just at the bar catching the game and having a beer. Apparently, Upton spent time with her family Saturday watching the Michigan football game at an NYC bar. She was also spotted hitting up the US Open, where she drank champagne from a golden goblet. Now that's the way to do fashion week. [Refinery 29]

Model Irina Shayk only collects two things: money and Birkins. Shayk told Vanity Fair, "I don’t collect art, because I think to collect art you have to spend a lot of time to know it. I collect money." She later went on to say, "I collect Birkins, too. I love bags." I guess if you're going to collect something, may as well be money and Hermes? [Fashionista]

Did you hear about the Anna Wintour flash mob at fashion week? Designer Madame Allsorts and her army of Anna Wintours made an appearance outside Lincoln Center to showcase the deisnger's looks—and you know, make a statement about conformity in the fashion world. [HuffPo UK]

Not even big names in the fashion world are immune to elevator woes. Yesterday, the Twitterverse was a-buzz after top editors in the biz, including Teen Vogue's Andrew Bevan, Vanity Fair's Michael Carl, and Lucky's Eva Chen and Alexis Bryan Morgan, got stuck in a freight elevator leaving Philosophy by Natalie Ratabesi. Some 50 editors and buyers total were stuck. Oh the dangerous life of a fashion editor. [Stylelist]

Subway had a fashion show, and it was amazing. Yesterday, Subway (the food chain not the form of public transportation) put on a show to celebrate its SUBtember's $5 Footlong promotion. Garments for the show were created out of anything found at Subway i.e. napkins, sandwich wrappers, etc. The lucky winner, Danilo Gabrielli, will receive free Subway for a year. Jared, Subway's spokesman, was one of the judges, naturally. [HuffPo Style]
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