David Beckham (& His Skivvies!) Star In Guy Ritchie's New H&M Ad [VIDEO]

(Photo via YouTube)

BEHOLD: David Beckham's butt!
Ladies and gentleman, feast your eyes on David Beckham's latest undies ad for H&M. Unless, that is, you're somehow over the marvel that is the soccer stud's perfectly sculpted bum. And abs. And arms. And...yeah, didn't think so.

In the brand's new Guy Ritchie-directed commercial — which is not only coming to a small screen near you, but will also air in theaters! — Becks gets locked out of the house in his skivvies after someone in a Range Rover (VB?!) drives off with his robe. He then presumes to run around a gated community, half naked, in an attempt to get his clothes back.

Oh yeah, there's a pool involved, too. You've been warned.

Watch the full 90-second mini film for David Beckham's Bodywear for H&M line, below:

So, it looks like this was the ad those tourists crashed! We can't.