New Details On The Missoni Pilot And Plane Emerge

New Details On The Missoni Pilot And Plane Emerge
(Photo by Getty) Margherita Missoni, Angela Missoni and Vittorio Missoni

New Details On The Missoni Pilot And Plane Emerge
The Missoni family (Getty)
As the search continues for the plane carrying Vittorio Missoni, CEO of the family-run Italian fashion label Missoni, his wife, Maurizia Castiglioni, and their two friends, new intel on the aircraft company has just surfaced—providing, what could be, a few important clues to the BN2 Islander plane's disappearance on January 4th.

According to a report in WWD, neither the aircraft's pilot nor the company that owned the plane had proper licenses to operate.

As it turns out, 72-year-old pilot Germán Machan's psychological-physical fitness certificate, a necessary license to fly, expired on November 30, 2012. Furthermore, Transaéreo 5074, C.A., the company that owns the aircraft, wasn't licensed to operate as a small airline. The aircraft, however not certified, did meet all the safety requirements, though.

Additionly, the ANSV, Italy’s agency for flight security, also told Italian newspaper La Repubblica the plane hadn’t yet been cleared to takeoff that day, reports Fashionista.

Still, no evidence points to where exactly the plane mysteriously disappeared to, and the search for the aircraft, plus the missing passengers, continues.