Would You Wear Celine's Spring Shoes?

(ImaxTree) Shoes at Celine's spring 2013 show in Paris

Okay, okay, we know we're always asking designers to make shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable—but has Phoebe Philo gone too far with her spring 2013 collection for Celine?

Check out the furry Birkenstock-esque sandals and, uh, slingbacks, above. They look like hippie shoes juxtaposed with furry blue and white trim. Sure, they look like heaven for our feet, but would you ever wear them?

And, while the spring pumps are a more traditional silhouette, they're still super-silly. like, if Big Bird and Elmo were cross-dressers and were looking for shoes to match their feather and fur. Right? (Oh wow, we just totally got ourselves banned from Celine for life, huh.)

Take our poll, below.


So, tell us, would you or wouldn't wear Celine's furry flats and heels? Are they amazing or crazy? We're all for statement shoes, but do these go too far?

Poll: Would you wear Celine's spring 2013 furry shoes?
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  • No way! These shoes look like Cookie Monster feet.
  • Sure, okay, but only the pumps.
  • Totally! They look so comfortable and luxe.

Check out all the looks from the spring 2013 Celine runway show, right here:
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