Why Is Romeo Beckham Laughing at Cara Delevingne In This Burberry Ad?


Burberry has released their latest campaign images featuring David and Victoria Beckham's 10-year-old son Romeo, and it looks like he had some trouble keeping a straight face on the shoot.

Why do you think he's pointing and laughing at Cara Delevingne?

Is it because she — a comparatively seasoned model — only got a third of a trench coat to model, while little Romeo got a whole one?

Or maybe it's because she forgot her pants?

Another theory: A tag could be sticking out of her jacket. Or Romeo could have put something on the back of her jacket.

Look, here he is, at it again — this time with a male model.

In this case, it's obvious why tiny Becks is all "Check out this guy!" Dude on the right clearly lost the shiny clutch lottery.
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