AE Takes Skinny Jeans to a New Level, PPR Gets a Name Change, and More!

(American Eagle)

American Eagle gets an early start on April Fool's Day with fake ad for their new "skinny skinny" jeans. Warning: butt cheeks ahead. [YouTube]

Luxury fashion conglomerate PPR — brands in the stable include Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney Balenciaga, and Gucci —  is changing its name to Kering (pronounced "caring"). They're also getting a new owl logo. [The Telegraph]

J. Crew plans to open its first-ever European store — on Regent Street, in London. [The Cut]

Nicole Miller knows how to party. Her birthday bash included magicians, fireworks, and pirates. [New York Post]

Kate Spade's new lower-priced line, Saturday, just launched online. [Saturday]

If you bought everything on Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop "spring essentials" list, it would cost you over $458,000. Lolz. [E!]

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