Betsey Johnson's Daughter Lulu is Launching Her Own Fashion Line

(via YouTube)

Betsey Johnson's daughter, Lulu Johnson, had to put up with a lot growing up—including a fashion-forward mom who changed her hair color every day (oh, the humanity!).

Along the way, Lulu picked up some pretty awesome design skills (she worked for her mom for 10 years!). According to The Stylish's  "In Focus" video, which features the mother/daughter duo, Lulu is currently designing her own line, Lulu and Allison, with her best friend Allison McLellan.

"It's definitely going to have a Betsey aesthetic, but we did tone things down and kind of made them more modern," Lulu says of her upcoming line.

We also learned a lot of other adorable things about the dynamic mom-kid in this video—like how they live in the same building so Betsey doesn't even have to put on rainboots to see her daughter if it storms. They are quite possibly the cutest mother-daughter combo around (seriously, we said aww out loud at least three times). Watch their adorable love in action, below.

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