Tom Brady's Uggs Commercial Is Like 'Rudy,' Pretty Much

(Ugg Australia) 

Ugg Australia took a cue from Hollywood's tried and true "inspiring sports movie" formula for their latest commercial, starring Tom Brady

In the clip, a rookie player nervously paces around a locker room before the big game. He looks so freaked out, until he spots something. 

Could it be? 

(Ugg Australia) 

He unwraps the package tenderly. Yes! Fuzzy slippers! Forget pep talks, these will give him all the confidence he needs to make that touchdown. Then, Tom Brady arrives, surrounded by beams of gentle light. "Congrats! For now," he says, punching Rookie Player on the shoulder. 

Oh, Tom Brady you Uggs-gifting-yet-threatening guardian angel. 

Check out the ad, in all of its glory, below. 

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