Charlotte and Samantha Ronson's Mom Used to Punish Them by Sending Them to Nude Drawing Classes

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For the children of celebrities — mom Ann Dexter-Jones is a socialite who married real estate mogul and band manager Laurence Ronson, and then eventually remarried to Mick Jones of Foreigner — Charlotte and Samantha Ronson are surprisingly normal. And hardworking a quality which Charlotte chalks up to her mother's unconventional parenting techniques. 

"I think my mother always pushed us to find something we were passionate about," Charlotte told us when we stopped by her studio last week. "She was very strict, so if ever we got into trouble — and Sam and I are twins, so if one of us did something wrong we both got into trouble because it was easier to keep tabs — we'd both have to go to the Art Students League on 57th Street in Manhattan and take art drawing classes and do it however many times per grounding." 

Wait, that doesn't sound like a punishment!

"Samantha wasn't interested in it, so it was funny," Charlotte said of her DJ sister. "We'd have to do weird, nude drawings. In a way, it can be good and bad. It can make you hate what you like, in some ways. I didn't love it, was not my favorite place. In hindsight, I think it was an interesting parenting tactic. It was fun, I got to create." 

It seems like Ann Dexter-Jones was on to something, don't you think? 

(Courtesy of Getty Images) 
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