Instagram Introduces Tagging Techology for People, Fashion Labels

Instagram Introduces Tagging Techology for People, Fashion Labels(ThinkStock)

Personal style bloggers are about to get some serious competition from personal style Instagrammers — thanks to the Facebook-owned photo app's new tagging technology, which was introduced yesterday.

Tagging an Instagram shot is pretty much like tagging a Facebook photo — you @tag your friend, and he or she will receive a notification, Mashable reports.

One drawback: You can't untag yourself! But that doesn't mean your boss has to see just how many margaritas you had on Cinco de Mayo — photos are added to Instagram's new "Photos of You" section, and you can adjust your settings so pictures don't appear publicly until you approve them.

Facebook hopes people will also use the feature to tag what they're wearing — kind of like a super-micro version of personal style blogging. Which means, if this is successful, in a year or so brands could be hiring "Instagram Ambassadors" to take photos of themselves swanning around in designer goods and pouting into their foam heart lattes. (Kidding. Kind of.)

Photos of You will go public on profiles on May 16th. You can check it out by upgrading to version 3.5 of Instagram in Apple's App Store or on Google Play.

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