Scientists Created a Real-Life Invisibility Cloak—And It Works! (Sort Of.)

(Photo via Leviathyn)

Harry Potter invisible! (WB)
Break out the Butter Beer, it's time for a toast. Some muggles scientists finally developed a charm smarty-pants method for creating a real-life invisibility cloak! Well, sort of.

According to a study in the New Journal of Physics, a team of researchers from the University of Texas in Austin created a new kind of material called "metascreen," which is rendered invisible in microwave light.

Unlike Harry's hand-me-down, this stuff isn't plush and clunky. Metascreen's apparently made from minuscule strips of copper tape (66 millionths of a meter thick) attached to a flexible polycarbonate film. The two are then woven into a fishnet pattern. (A fishnet cloak? Saucy!)

In lab tests, the material successfully made a 7-inch-long rod (poof!) disappear from view. Using the same technology, researchers said they should, in theory, be able to create an apparatus that'll hide objects in the real world — not just in your microwave or Harry Potter-land — but it's probably still a long-shot away.

While they work out the kinks though, if you've really got your heart set on a good invisibility cloak, you could always go for this $300 (on sale!) authentic Harry Potter replica.
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Oh, and just to be clear, this will NOT turn you invisible. Some purchasers were, shall we say, disgruntled about this "defect."