Shaq is Back - Reebok Relaunches '90s Classics Shaq Attaq and Shaqnosis!

(Courtesy Reebok) Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq is back! The legendary basketball player—and, don't forget, rapper!—is teaming up with Reebok to relaunch two of his iconic 90s-era basketball sneakers: the Classic Shaq Attaq and the psychedelic Shaqnosis. BEHOLD, the Shaq Attaq—complete with retro "Pump" -

And the loopy Shaqnosis—which, if you came of cultural consciousness (read: were a teenager) in the early-90s, will be ingrained in your visual memory because the revolutionary concentric design was definitely a departure from Reebok's classic stylings at the time:

Ah yes, the 90s. Remember that fabulous pre-internet decade when fashions ran wild?

"What we needed was a larger than life presence, a basketball prodigy that would forever change the game," said Reebok's VP of Classic, Basketball, and Entertainment, Todd Krinsky about 1992, the year the brand first partnered with Shaquille O'Neal—who later went on to become Rookie of the year.

Well, in case you missed 1992 and haven't been able to get your hands on a pair of classic Shaq Attaqs or Shaqnosis sneaks over the past 21 years, here's your chance. We popped by the Reebok x Shaquille O'Neal press conference here at Project in Las Vegas yesterday, where the duo announced their plans to rerelease the two iconic shoes.

Here is how close we were to Shaq at the presentation—we present, Shaq's feet (he's a size 22):

(Danica Lo / StyleBistro) Shaq's size-22 shoes

The Reebok reissue of the Classic Shaq Attaq will drop April 19th and will be priced at $160 a pair at retailers including Jimmy Jazz, Shiekh, Villa, City Gear, DTLR, Shoe Palace, and on The Shaq Attaq hi-top features a classic Pump and is built with Graphlite, a super-strong, ultra-lightweight fiber that helps create a lighter, sleeker silhouette than rubber.

The Reebok reissued Classic Shaqnosis will drop on July 19th and will be priced at $125 at stores including Finish Line, Foot Locker, Jimmy Jazz, Shiekh, City Gear, Shoe Palace, and on Here are the two shoes at yesterday's press conference:

Ooh, and look for a reissue of Reebok's classic whites coming soon, too! #obsessed


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