'Teen Vogue' Gets a Mobile Game — Would You Survive as a Fashion Intern? [VIDEO]

(Getty Images) Do you have what it takes to be a Teen Vogue fashion intern and please Amy Astley?

Ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a fashion intern? With the new Teen Vogue mobile game, now's your chance to see if you can make the cut!

The new mobile app, called "Teen Vogue Me Girl," is from the creators of the popular "Style Me Girl" app. The interactive game allows you to mimic a day in the life of a real fashion closet intern. Set with the actual backdrop of the Teen Vogue offices, the game gives a little peek behind the doors of the magazine's fashion closet, virtual clothes and all.

I set up my alter-ego-intern to see if I could survive Teen Vogue. Meet digital Caitlin!

After making a digital version of myself, I was then asked to complete virtual assignments, which included dressing for the job, nailing the interview, booking appointments for editors, and styling models for photo shoots, red-carpet events, and magazine covers.

Here's an example of my styling work on model, Piper, who posed for a winter cover shoot:

As you reach new levels in the game (done by completing styling assignments judged by editors), you unlock new levels of play, receive status, titles, and most importantly, you receive in-game currency, which lets you buy — wait for it, clothes from the fashion closet!

Currently, there are 10 assignment levels, but each month there will be new assignments added. And if you just can't keep your assignment achievements to yourself, you can share them with friends via Facebook and Twitter!

See some of my achievements and money earned so far:

Clearly, I have some work to do.

Truthfully, I found myself spending the majority of my time raiding the fashion closet.

Check out some of the different options from the closet here:

You have the option to pick from dresses, tops, pants, shoes, accessories, hair styles, and beauty looks while ruffling through the closet. Imagine, a grown-up version of dress-up!

After playing "Teen Vogue Me Girl," I was brought back to my own days as a fashion intern with all the anxiety of wanting to please the editors, the thrill of pulling garments for photo shoots, and of course, the closet-envy.

Ok, so maybe the game doesn't quite replicate those feelings, but it's a fun way to pretend you're in the fashion trenches, even if they are only digital ones!

The game is simple to use and pretty straight forward, but there are easy navigation buttons on the sides just in case you ever find yourself lost, as many interns do! With great 3D imagery and a better wardrobe than I can claim, the "Teen Vogue Me Girl" app is a fun way to create a fashion alter-ego.

Check out how the app works below:

Get the app for yourself! It's available now for free in The Apple App Store, the Amazon App Store, and Google Play.
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