Lost Socks? There's an App for That

Lost Socks? There's an App for That

In 2012 we can clone sheep, isolate human stem cells, and even order take-out on the internet without ever having to speak to another human being. But what about the simple problems that continue to plague humankind? Like, say, lost socks.

Say hello to The Sock Sorter.

Blacksocks, the company that invented the "sockscription" back in 1999 (that's, uh, a subscription service for socks, obv), just developed a chip that can trace not only where your sock is, but uploads everything you'd ever—and we mean ever—need to know about your sock into a Blacksocks app for your iPhone.

So, if you're staring at a daunting pile of laundry and there's that one lone sock (and there's always that one) that has lost its mate, you can scan a little black remote over the pile, and when the sock is detected, a beeping noise will sound. Think of it as a metal detector, but for socks.

The Blacksocks app will also track: which socks pair with which sock, how many times your socks have been worn, and whether your sock is truly black or if it's faded. This is all done by scanning your sock's smart chip and taking pictures with your iPhone. Of course, the app also helps you purchase new Smart Socks (which are $189 for 10 pairs) when your first batch begins to fade.

The website (and video below) states, "Some cynical women might claim that this is the only way a man could sort his own socks." Uh, no comment.

Want more? Watch the video below:

What do you think of the sock sorter and app? Would you purchase this for yourself or your husband/boyfriend/brother? Sound off in the comments!