J.W. Anderson Hates Dresses, Thinks Evening Wear Is 'Tripe'

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Most young designers wait with bated breath to see if their creations will turn up on the red carpet. But not J.W. Anderson! The 28-year-old, who was recently awarded the Emerging Talent Award by the British Fashion Council, hates all things evening wear. 

Gowns, he told London's Evening Standard, are "only for award ceremonies and tripe." 


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He continued, "It's a performance, a forced conviction, you don't have to be intelligent to do that." Burn. 

We wonder how his latest employer, Versace, will feel about this. Anderson is set to design the label's younger line, Versus, and the fashion house is known for "tripe." 

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And it's not just evening wear that the designer is sick of, he's also had it with dresses. "Nowadays, women want to mix things. A dress limits you in that capacity," he said. "My challenge is to create a new form of architecture. A dress that is tri-functional. We'll crack it someday."

If a dress already functions as both a top and a bottom, what could the third function be? Is he planning on attaching shoes? Or adding insulated snack pockets? Now we're even more excited to see his Fall 2013 show!

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