BREAKING: Phillip Lim to Collaborate With Target

BREAKING: Phillip Lim to Collaborate With Target
(ImaxTree, Getty) Looks from the fall 2013 3.1 Phillip Lim collection

Just announced: the Wall Street Journal breaks the news that Phillip Lim—one of the greatest retail successes among a generation of designers that's come up over the past ten years—will be partnering with Target on a mass-scale lifestyle collaboration. The Journal's Elizabeth Holmes scored an exclusive sit-down video interview with Lim—you can view it below. Here are some highlights from their chat.

On how the collection came about: "It was a courtship for five years, and what was exciting to me this time around is that they gave me the opportunity to do lifestyle instead of a capsule collection of dresses or blouses and something that might be diffused. It was the chance to really create a new concept of wardrobe and accessories to address the modern day citizen."

On how the process is different from designing his high-end collection: "The process to me is the same. I approach it with the same vigilance, the same process I would with my own brand. I think the only difference is maybe the context and the scale, because they're huge. For us, this little tiny brand, there's a lot more at stake."

On what the collection looks like: "It really is clothes. It is just clothes that I felt were necessary."

On his inspiration—and the rumor there will be great bags: "I think that what the most interesting thing to me with this collection was that section of it [bags]. It's this concept of 'on-the-go' for men and women who live a multi-textural, multi-faceted lives and are always time poor. In the collection, I developed this whole system of travel and kits that make life easier—that were pack and go, grab and go."

On how he hopes this will help grow his business: "In a very selfish way, it's always about personal gain first, and I think that business for me is a by product of personal satisfaction. I've always believed in answering the question 'Why?' with the answer 'Why Not?'"

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