Henry Holland Put Fry Kids on His New T-Shirts, Basically

(Courtesy of Henry Holland) 

This morning, MTV Style alerted us to Henry Holland's new "Pom Family" t-shirts, which are printed with adorable illustrations of pom pom creatures. The tops are actually really high tech—If you download the House of Holland app from the iTunes app store, and then hold your i-device over the shirt, you can watch the little guys dance on your screen. 

In HoH's video they get down to Missy Elliot's "Shake Your Pom Pom." Sample lyric: "With thighs like fries we gonna size a supersize." Which reminds us...


These "Pom" critters are totally Fry Kids, right? You know, the late '80s, early '90s McDonald's characters who were always after Ronald McDonald's fries. There are probably millions of Fry Kids happy meal toys clogging up your parents' attics as I type this. 

(Courtesy of Forgotten Advertisements) 

What do you think? Were these tees the product of Henry Holland's late night McDonalds runs? 

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