Tracy Anderson's Workout Leggings Offer Maximum Groin Exposure


Fitness guru Tracy Anderson feels that, to really get the most out of your workout, you should look your best. And to her, looking your best means looking like Christina Aguilera in her "Genie in a Bottle" days (belly button ring optional), as evidenced by these — her new line of exercise leggings.

The $60 bottoms — which come in polka dot, tartan, or sparkly black — feature what is possibly the lowest rise we've ever seen on gymwear. But maybe that's all part of her master plan — force your customers to confront their bellies, and watch them buy your DVDs?

Interestingly, the leggings promise "no muffin top," which shouldn't even be an issue, considering the fact that they sit well below the muffin top region.

"When you’re exercising you’re supposed to be able to not feel constricted. People show up in pants basically like Spanx, but that’s not the appropriate way to allow for circulation and movement," Anderson told WWD. Wearing stretchy bottoms that barely cover your butt, and expose that lower-groin-region butterfly tattoo you got on spring break are one way not to feel constricted. But, more importantly, who are you women wearing Spanx to the gym?
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