Betsey Johnson Was Just Kidding About Canceling Her Fashion Show

(Courtesy of Getty Images)

Last week, Betsey Johnson — whose namesake label is in some serious financial trouble — announced that she wouldn't be staging a fashion show this season. 

But that was last week. This morning, the designer (and star of the Style Network's reality series The Betsey and Lulu Show, debuting this March) sent around a press release proclaiming  that the show must go on — at Lincoln Center on February 11th at 5pm, to be exact.

"I just could not stay away from Fashion Week. I wanted to do this for myself and for all of my fans, to show that I still got it and I am not going anywhere!" Johnson said in a statement. 

The designer is currently dealing with bankruptcy by shuttering all her stores, dismissing hundreds of employees, and launching a lower-priced line, so it's unclear where the funds for this event are coming from. But, then again, the woman did find $20,000 to spend on hair extensions this year, amidst all of her money woes, so maybe the idea isn't too far-fetched. 

In any case, we're excited to see Betsey (and her famous end-of-catwalk cartwheels) back on the calendar. 

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