BEHOLD: The BoobyPack, a Bra Top With a Pocket

BEHOLD: The BoobyPack, a Bra Top With a Pocket

Hyperbolically speaking, the thing I hate most in the world is schlepping. I'm the worst about it. I'd rather carry nothing, stash my pockets with a phone, a couple of credit cards, one lip balm, and my keys—and run the risk of being extremely unprepared for any and every circumstance outside of the ordinary—than carry a giant handbag everywhere.

So this—this Boobypack thing, above—this, is exciting.

See, it's a longline bra top with a built-in pocket. Like, a fannypack for your bosoms, if you will.

Right now, the inventor of the Boobypack is looking for a few thousand dollars on Kickstarter to manufacture, market, and sell the Boobypack. She's "primarily marketing the Boobypack to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) concert goers" (lucky them)—maybe because of the neon colorscheme and personal interest? Not sure. But we also think this could be a great under-anything top for everyday or casual weekends. The addition of the pocket in the longline bra is also great for travel—no more under-clothing waist pouches or money necklaces—and going to the gym.

What do you think?

BEHOLD: The BoobyPack, a Bra Top With a Pocket

Cute, right?

If you're into the idea of the Boobypack, help fun the inventor's project right here at Kickstarter. And tell us what you think in the comments section below!
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