#FF - 5 Stores Worth Following on Pinterest

#FF - 5 Stores Worth Following on Pinterest
(Photos via Birchbox)

Happy Friday! For all you fashion-and-beauty Pin-addicts out there, we've got just thing you need to make your late-night e-comm shopping sprees that much easier.

Behold this week's #FollowFriday nominees—our five favorite need-to-know e-commerce brands on Pinterest. You must check them out this second.

Oh yeah, and while you're spinning from pinning, be sure to follow StyleBistro on Pinterest!

#FF - 5 Stores Worth Following on Pinterest
(Photo via Tobi)

Tobi: It's impossible to peruse through Pinterest's "Women's Fashion" category without stumbling across heaps of re-pins from the online-only boutique. Not only are the ultra-trendy fashions super-cute, but they're also super-affordable. Pretty inspiration that's also wallet-friendly? It's a win-win.

#FF - 5 Stores Worth Following on Pinterest
(Photo via Etsy)

Etsy: From funny to pretty to just plain weird, you know never exactly what you'll find on Etsy—but you can bet that it'll always be something amazing. The online art community's 40 Pinterest boards are no different. We especially love the unique, vintage-inspired wedding dresses and engagement rings.

#FF - 5 Stores Worth Following on Pinterest
(Photo via Birchbox)

Birchbox: Beauty junkies fall for the gorgeous makeup inspiration, top product suggestions, and behind-the-scenes Birchbox HQ desk shots that the deluxe beauty-sample-delivery service pins. We're secretly addicted to checking out all the Birchboxes girls from around the country tweet back to brand!

#FF - 5 Stores Worth Following on Pinterest(Photo via Boticca)

Boticca: If accessories are your thing, prepare to be swept off your well-heeled feet. The London-based e-boutique has separate boards dedicated to all your fave shopping categories—statement earrings, clutches, scarves, cuffs. It even breaks things up by trend—hey, neon, we've got our eyes on you.

#FF - 5 Stores Worth Following on Pinterest
(Photo via ModCloth)

ModCloth: Vintage vision and indie marvels dance before your eyes as you skim Modcloth's Pinterest page. Somehow the retro boutique manages to pin the perfect balance of must-buy products and plain ol' pretty things they've gathered from around the web. Oh, and we just can't with its "Cute, Cuter, Cutest" adorable animals board. No seriously, we can not take the cuteness overload! Be warned.

What are some of your favorite e-commerce brands on Pinterest? Share your picks in the comments section down below!