Roberto Cavalli Said WHAT About Karl Lagerfeld's Look?

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A few years ago, Roberto Cavalli threw some shade at Chanel, calling it a brand for "grandmothers." And now, he's back to his smack-talking ways.

In a joint interview with his son, Daniele, for the latest issue of The Hunger magazine, Cavalli says, "Just because you are an artist you don't have to dress like that. Karl Lagerfeld, he looks ridiculous."

Let's put aside, for a minute, the fact that Cavalli, who is 72, definitely has his own signature look, which he doesn't stray from too often. And while that look may not say "artist," it definitely says...something. 'Eccentric rich person," maybe?

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No, it's not about that. Clearly, this is a deeper issue. An issue about buttons.

When it comes to button-fastening, Cavalli is a member of the minimalist school of thought.
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While Lagerfeld is clearly — clearly! — a staunch maximalist.

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