The Top 10 Moments from 'Gypsy Wedding' Fashion Spin-Off 'Bling It On' Season 1, Episode 1

(all images via TLC)

TLC's newest reality show, Bling it On, premiered last night and showed us exactly what TLC  promised us—lots and lots of bling.

The series, a spin-off of TLC's other reality hit, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, stars  Sondra Celli, the out-of-this-world Boston dressmaker who all of the gypsies call on to make all their huge-skirted dreams come true.

Bling it On centers around daily life in Sondra Celli's sparkly design studio, her kooky clients, and hilarious "blingettes."

Here are our top ten moments from episode one of this new reality show:

Jeanette, aka our favorite seamstress ever.

10) The seamstresses: Sondra Celli has three seamstresses working for her, and we got to know two of them in last night's episode. One, named Mira, is Bulgarian. When Sondra tries to explain a customer's odd request she starts dancing around mumbling to her herself... in Bulgarian.

Another seamstress, Jeanette, on the other hand, is like the grandma you always wanted. She's absolutely adorable, and sometimes cracks really hilarious jokes. She's worked with Sondra, or "Sandy" as she calls her, for 25 years "because it's better than staying home."

9) Here's a new way to describe your wedding dress: One of the customers featured in the show's first episode requests a neon wedding dress. We'll just let that sink in for a second. The way the customer describes what she wants for her dress, besides neon, strays pretty far from the typical "I want to feel pretty" responses we so often hear on shows like Say Yes to the Dress. This bride said, "Basically I want people to talk about my dress on their deathbed." Honey, they will.

8) Blingettes: In additon to the seamstresses, Sondra has a group of girls who graduated from design school whose jobs it is to, literally, sit there all day blinging stuff. This can be anything from a pair of baby shoes to the bodice of a dress to a Sondra Celli iPad case. You name it, these girls bling it. And they're called Blingettes—how cute!

7) Blingette gossip: Speaking of Blingettes, one of the most entertaining segments of the show was watching their reactions to the designs. Like, when they talk about the neon wedding dress: "Like, I would have worn it if I was a drag queen—yeah, definitely," one says, quite solemnly.

6) Steampunk 101: One customer walks into Sondra's studio asking for a steampunk costume. For the rest of the episode she proceeds to explain the concept to Sondra—it's like dressing up in neo-Victorian garb with relics of the future attached (like machine parts, etc). Like us, Sondra remains confused about the concept for majority of the episode.

5) Charlotte, the girl who wants a lot of diamonds: The most adorable soon-to-be-seven-year-old girl stops by to order a glamour girl birthday gown. Then she spends the rest of the episode talking about how much she likes diamonds. The reaction to the finished garment is adorable. In her own words: "And I like the shoes, it has a lot of diamonds. I love diamonds."

4) LED lights in a bouquet: Besides bling and neon, Sandra offers the bride-to-be LED lights in her bouqet. That's a first...

3) Steampunk girl's name: Steampunk girl wants a lot out of her dress. But, apparently her character, Mrs. Belladonna Belville, is the one Sondra really needs to please. "She gets a little angry when things don't go quite right," Steampunk girl said of Belville—in third person.

2) Mommy and me dog dressing: What really sold us on this show was the blinged-out dog. Yes, blinged-out dog. Sondra's third customer is two Boston pet shop owners, who have a gala to attend with Kaylee, their dog. Here's the catch—they all want to wear matching outfits. Yes, including the dog. How does Sondra do such a thing? She puts blinged out paws on the mama's gown, the dad's tie, and the pup's jacket. Amazing.

1) The finished Neon Wedding Dress: Remember the customer who wanted the neon wedding dress? Turns out, the dress was so damn neon that the Blingettes had to wear sunglasses in order to bling most effectively. The finished product is as absurd as expected and took a whopping 96 hours of blinging, 47,000 rhinestones, and $10,000 to construct. To each her own, we guess.

Be sure to watch the rest of the season on TLC every Thursday at 10 pm EST.

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