BEHOLD: This $2,000 Pasta Dinner Comes on a Versace Plate

(Courtesy of Disney) 

Are $500 Kobe beef burgers topped with gold-leaf-coated caviar and foie gras just not exclusive enough for you? New York restaurant Bice, in a effort to cater to only the bro-iest of investment bankers, has cooked up a $2,013 pasta dinner. 

The two grand gets you some tagliolini noodles mixed with two pounds of lobster and a generous heap of truffles (obviously) — all served on a gold leaf Versace platter, which you get to take home.

(Courtesy of Bice)

Of course, those plates are worth $350, which leaves a lot of the remaining $1,663 unaccounted for.

Why did Bice stop there, though? The chef could have really gone for his throw-every-expensive-ingredient-together-on-a-plate theme, and added, like, saffron-infused shark fins, or cheese made from the milk of unicorns. 

Tell us, how much would you pay for this one-percenter pasta dish? 

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