Marc Jacobs Gets Creepy in This New Clip From 'Disconnect'

(LD Entertainment)

A new clip highlighting Marc Jacobs's acting debut in Disconnect — out this Friday — has hit the internet, and it's 41 seconds of pure, unfettered creepyness!

The designer plays a porn baron, and in a real departure, a porn baron who eats carbs. Spaghetti, specifically. Watch as his character takes in a teen runaway and asks him, "Do you jerk off?" Then try not to shudder.

See? Creepy! And convincing.

Time for a visual palate-cleanser. Let's take a look at some of the more wholesome items Jacobs has designed.

Like this.
(Saks Fifth Avenue)

And this.

And this, too.

(Marc Jacobs)

Okay, that last one is slightly creepy.
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