Daily Obsession: Longchamp's Furry Kitty Handbag


Fact: Cat ladies are having a moment right now.

We got an exclusive look at Longchamp's upcoming holiday collection today. And while we adored pretty much everything in the new collection, we couldn't take our eyes off of one item in particular. (In fact, it couldn't take its eyes off of us, either).

We're of course talking about this hysterical, yet stylish fluorescent pink fur stunner. A fabulous new take on the line's highly coveted Le Pilage collection. Couldn't you totally see someone with insanely cool style like Rihanna or Beyonce swinging this fluffy accessory over her shoulder come holiday time? We sure can.

But since you'll have to wait until October to get your hands on one of these Limited Edition beauties, here are a few Longchamp styles you can buy right now that we're obsessing over as well. Enjoy!

Clockwise from left: "Balanze" bag, $1,030 at Longchamp, "Gatsby" sport messenger, $850 at Longchamp, "Le Pilage" shopping bag S, $125 at Longchamp, "3D" duffel bag, $735 at Longchamp