You'll Never Guess What Ralph Lauren Almost Named His Clothing Line

(ImaxTree; Getty) Ralph Lauren shooting a lay-up and looks from his most recent spring collection

Would Ralph Lauren's multi-bazillion dollar empire be what it is today if it had a different name? Say, if it wasn't called Polo?

Turns out Polo Ralph Lauren was thisclose to having another name—one that we're pretty sure would have irreparably altered the path of the fashion magnate forever.

"At the beginning of his career, Ralph Lauren debated naming his brand Basketball, rather than Polo, due to his affinity for the sport," writer David Lipke reports in this morning's WWD. "As a Bronx native, he had never been to an actual polo match, but he decided, fortuitously, to go with the grander name."

Can you imagine what a brand called "Basketball Ralph Lauren" would be like? Do you think it would have been as successful? Would you have worn a pique polo shirt with a teeny tiny basketball player embroidered over the left side of your chest? Sound off in the comments, below!
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