#FF - 5 Luxury Brands to Follow on YouTube

#FF - 5 Luxury Brands to Follow on YouTube
(Photo via YouTube)

As you're kicking back on your couch this weekend dreaming of how you'll spend the holidays—or, lucky you, vacay's already begun!—set some time aside to bookmark these five fashion brands' channels on YouTube.

When your family finally starts driving you nuts or you begin getting just a wee bit too stir crazy without work, you'll be happy to have some pretty things to distract you from reality. Isn't that what vacation's about, after all?

From fashion campaign videos to plenty of runway footage, keep on scrolling for five of our favorite picks—oh, and Happy Friday!

Subscribers: 54,053
Video Views: 26,420,484

Subscribers: 2,056
Video Views: 386,351

Louis Vuitton

Subscribers: 26,882
Video Views: 26,240,572

Alexander McQueen
Subscribers: 5,055
Video Views: 610,563

Subscribers: 10,265
Video Views: 6,847,176

Do you have any favorite fashion channels on YouTube? On a totally sort of connected tangent—what about cat videos? Have you seen CatBistro? Sound off in the comments, below!