Janice Dickinson Declares Bankruptcy, Philip Treacy Is So Over Fascinators, and More!

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Janice Dickinson, "the world's first supermodel," has declared bankruptcy due to debts totaling $1 million. Unpaid taxes and skipped plastic surgery bills are mostly to blame. [The Telegraph]

Milliner to the stars (and noted fasinator enthusiast) Philip Treacy is so over fascinators. "The fascinator is dead, and I'm delighted," he said. "The word … sounds like a dodgy sex toy … We're seeing a return to proper hats." [The Guardian]

Michael Kors doesn't care how cold you are: "I like bare legs in the winter always, and I like a pair of boots in the summer. I'm a little wacky that way. Maybe it's the California side of my family, I don't know." [Vogue UK]

A bird pooped on Cara Delevingne, and she Instagrammed it, of course. Lol, models. [Instagram/CaraDelevingne]


Rihanna finally wore that custom Givenchy tee with her face one it. And tee Rihanna wore a Rihanna tee. And so on and so on forever and ever. [MTV Style]

Anna Wintour reportedly banned a 40-foot styrofoam sculpture of Vivienne Westwood, naked, from this year's punk-themed Met Gala, because it would be "a needless distraction." [Daily Mail]
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