Pantone Announces The Color of 2013—And it's...

(Courtesy of Bauer Griffin, MGM, Getty Images)

The Pantone monster has emerged from its year-long slumber, deep inside its paint-chip-lined cave, to announce the color of 2013. And it's...

Emerald green! Let's all pour one out for tangerine tango, Pantone's color of 2012. 

(Courtesy of Getty Images) 

We hope you like emerald, because it's going to be everywhere. Maybe you already have some emerald in your closet? Robert Pattinson does. 

(Courtesy of Bauer Griffin) 

And when Katy Perry got the news that emerald was going to be the hot color of 2013, she was like, let's do this.  

(Courtesy of Getty Images) 

There should really be an Emerald City Fashion Week next year. This guy would be swarmed by street style photographers, for sure. 

(Courtesy of MGM) 

Her, too. Emerald foundation! So avant-garde.
(Courtesy of MGM) 

Tell us, are you excited for 2013: The Year of Emerald Green? Or do you miss tangerine tango already? 

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