Alexander Wang's First Balenciaga Campaign Is Here! Photos, This Way

(Getty Images)

Remember how, way back in February, everyone was like, "Ahh! What will Alexander Wang for Balenciaga look like?" And then everyone saw his debut collection, and they were like, "It's so...youthful," and then they (Okay, I) kind of forgot about it for a few months?

Well, Wang's Balenciaga creations are back in the spotlight, thanks to the designer's first-ever ad campaign for the fashion house.


The moody shot, which was lensed by Steven Klein, features model Kristen McMenamy — although you wouldn't know it, because her head is cut off.

Wang told WWD that he was going for a “very cinematic portrayal…with lots of emotion” to contrast with the “austerity bestowed in the show.”

This reads more "austere," than "emotional," though, don't you think? Unless McMenamy is experiencing the emotion (embarrassment) of cautiously opening the bathroom door only to find that it's occupied. ("Oh. Pardon.")

But the ad does show off Wang's clothes quite well — something that wouldn't have been possible had the photos included giant infrared faces, or horses, as seen in previous Balenciaga campaigns.
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