Couture Close-Up: Chanel's Fingernail Rings (Yes, Really!)

(Instagram, SamMcKnight1/Imaxtreee)

First knuckle rings, or memory rings, have been a slow-burning trend for the past few years. (We blame Brooklyn jeweler Catbird, who started selling hammered gold and sterling silver versions back in 2008.)

But Karl Lagerfeld took it one step further at Chanel's fall 2013 couture show, when he sent models down the runway in fingernail rings. Check out hairstylist Sam McNight's Instagram snapshot of model Nadja Bender backstage before the show, above. Her diamanté bands are just a finger flick away from falling into her yogurt.

And look at Fei Fei Sun's Insta selfie.

(Instagram, feifeisun)

We count eight rings on her fingers, four of which are suffocating her nails.

How many fingernail rings do you think ended up as fashion roadkill on the Chanel runway? There's no way those things can stay on longer than, like, 30 seconds. Would you try try the style if it makes its way to Chanel boutiques this fall?

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