J. Crew's $1,500 Handbag - Let's Discuss

J. Crew's $1,500 Handbag - Let's Discuss
(Courtesy of J. Crew)

It's no secret that J. Crew has been slowly increasing its prices over the past few years (hello, "Collection" pieces), but the label is really angling for a slice of the luxury market with its latest design—a $1500 handbag.

Modeled after J. Crew's popular "Edie" style, the alligator purse features antique hardware and twill lining.

And to up the exclusivity even more, you can't order the alligator Edie online—it's only available in J. Crew's Madison Avenue flagship.

The bag's $1500 price tag is equal to those of splurgey purses like Balenciaga totes, Lanvin shoppers, and Proenza Schouler PS1s.

So, tell us, would you pay that much for J. Crew? 

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