Jenna Lyons's Boss Talks to Her in the Bathroom

Jenna Lyons's Boss Talks  to Her in the Bathroom(Getty Images)

J. Crew president and executive creative director Jenna Lyons's life is a lot like ours, except bigger. Instead of a few meetings every day, she has "between 10 and 18." Rather than keep a pint or two of Ben & Jerry's in the freezer, she has "an insane collection of ice cream." Lyons doesn't stand in front of her 20-odd pairs of shoes every morning, wondering which ones to wear — she picks from over "300,"  including "Christian Louboutins, with spikes all over them." And she doesn't just check in with her boss, Mickey Drexler, when she gets to work. He speaks to her over a bathroom intercom.

"The first day the intercoms were being installed at the J. Crew offices I was like, 'What the hell is that?'" Lyons told Harper's Bazaar. "But it's awesome. Mickey Drexler, J. Crew's CEO, is sort of like a fireball of kinetic energy; he has more energy than my six-year-old. He had the intercom installed, and he uses it mostly to make sure he can get someone immediately. He'll say, 'Jenna, dial 001,' and you know where-ever you are, even in the bathroom, you can hear you're being paged."

Ensuring that your empolyees are at your beck and call at all times, even mid-pee, is one way to run a company. But, it appears that Drexler has gone mad with intercom-power. "Sometimes he just uses it to pipe in bad music," Lyons said. "The other day he played 'Come On Eileen,' which he's really into. I hate that song."
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