The Best Quotes from This Year's Most Giftable Fashion Book: Grace Coddington's Memoirs

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Here's a bonus last-minute gift idea for you friends who are into fashion—give them a copy of Vogue creative director Grace Coddington's new book, Grace: A Memoir. It's beautiful, and full of dishy fashion stories, as well as Coddington's quirky illustrations. 

Check out her sketch of a typical fashion show front row. 


Plus there are tons of vintage fashion spapshots. Can you guess who this mustachioed man is? 

It's Karl Lagerfeld! And here's a photo of Grace, from her modeling days. 

Hubba hubba, right? Grace: A Memoir also has lots of life lessons, like...

Your mom's opinion is all that really matters. 

"I didn't go back home to visit too often in those days, but whenever I did, [my mother] proudly showed me photographs of myself snipped from various magazines. In fact, quite a few were not of me at all but of other, similar-looking girls. "That's not me," I'd tell her. But she would say, "Oh, well, it's a nice photo and I like it anyway," and pop it back into my file."

Have a signature style. 

"Each girl had her own individual style when it came to piling on the makeup. My particular thing was to draw an extra-wide stroke emphasizing the crease of the eye socket and add extravagantly long, spidery lines below the eye, a little like doll's lashes, then paint a dot toward the inner corner for reasons I can't exactly articulate except that it looked nice and "now." Later I discovered my crazy new eyelash look being called "twiglets" and credited to the young British model Twiggy. Well, they were very much mine. I was probably doing them before she was born!"

And, own a cat! It's good for your health. 

"My cats are not only loved and comforting companions, but they also provide me with a constant source of inspiration: Row upon row of framed sketches I have made of them hang on the walls of our Hamptons house, and these are a fraction of the hundreds I have drawn over the past twenty-five years." 

Tell us, what was your favorite fashion book this year? Let us know in the comments! 

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