Missoni Founder Ottavio Missoni Dies at 92

(Photo by Getty) Ottavio Missoni with his daughter, Angela Missoni

Ottavio Missoni dies at 92 (Getty)
Ottavio Missoni, who co-founded the iconic Italian fashion house with his wife Rosita in 1953, died this morning at his home in Sumirago, Italy, reports WWD. He was 92 years old.

Earlier this month, Missoni, who went by the nickname "Tai," was hospitalized for a cardiac impairment, but was later released from facilities that evening.

Missoni started his career as an international track athlete, but in the 1940s convened to fight in World War II, in which he captured and spent four years held as a prisoner of war in Egypt. Following the war, Missoni competed in 1948 London Olympics, where he met his future wife Rosita. She was a student at the time. The two soon opened a small knitwear workshop together—the beginnings of the family's luxury label.

(Photo by Getty) Vittorio Missoni, second from right, with Angela Missoni, Rosario Missoni, Luca Missoni, and Ottavio Missoni (far left) in Milan

It's been a horribly sad year for the Missoni family. Back in January, a plane carrying Ottavio's son Vittorio Missoni, along with Vittorio's wife and two friends, mysteriously went missing—none of the passageners have yet to be found.

The brand is now by Missoni's children, Angela and Luca, while his wife Rosita, 82, manages all of the company's homeware projects and granddaughter Margherita serves as the accessories director.