America's Next Top Model is Finally Accepting Male Models, Set Your DVRs Now!

(Photo via Twitter)

Tyra Banks (Getty)
Not only did America's Next Top Model just get picked up for its 20th cycle, but now guys—yes, male models!—also have a shot at being on the, uh, top.

ANTM producer and wild-and-crazy judge Tyra Banks took to Twitter to announce the show, for the first time ever, is now casting men—meaning you can expect to see a whole lot more male model hotness (other than Rob Evans).

According to a statement released by The CW, both guys and girls will partake in the competition, all of whom will live in the model house—together. (Does this conjure visions of Real World to anyone else?) And like the current cycle, viewers still get to vote for their favorites via social media.

Cycle 20 is scheduled to debut sometime next summer. Let the drama commence!

Can you believe they're adding male models into the mix? Will you watch the next cycle of ANTM? Who was your favorite top model contestant of all time? Feel free to go crazy in the comments below!