Employee Sues Prada for Calling Her Ugly, Prada Sues Back

Employee Sues Prada for Calling Her Ugly, Prada Sues Back
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Is this for real? Parsons School of Design graduate Rina Bovrisse worked at Chanel and Prada in New York City for years before being promoted to Prada's Retail Operations Manager and relocated to Japan in 2009. That's when her troubles started.

"Prada Japan's human resources manager called Rina into a meeting room and warned her, 'You need to change your hairstyle. You need to lose weight. The CEO is ashamed of your ugliness and will not introduce you to any visitors from Milan. He already spoke to Milan's HR head about this and they also think this is a serious problem,'" a source told the New York Daily News.

Bovrisse reported the incident to Prada's global COO and HR director in Milan—an action that precipitated the firing of 15 top salespeople from Prada Japan (many of them women), because, according to the source, they were "old, fat, ugly, disgusting, had bad teeth, bad bodies, or did not have the Prada look."

Discrimination? Sounds like it, right? But after Bovrisse and two of her colleagues filed a lawsuit in Tokyo District Court, she lost, because the Japanese court system ruled Prada's behavior fair because of its luxury label status.

But guess what? Now Prada is countersuing! According to reports, the Italian brand is suing Bovrisse for $780,000, claiming she damaged the Prada brand.

Is this real life? What do you think about this situation? Bovrisse has refiled her lawsuit in the US.
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